Space Med Pkg (RENT)
Space Med Pkg (RENT)
Space Med Pkg (RENT)
Space Med Pkg (RENT)

Space Med Pkg (RENT)


Rent our Space Collection Medium package, we'll ship it a week before the party then you return within a week after the party is over! Our process is simple and easy for you to give your child a party they will remember!

This collection comes with:

  • Backdrops: 2 backdrop frames, 1 printed Happy Birthday backdrop, 1 blue fabric backdrop with backdrop accents (hanging lights, 2 inflatable space rockets and paper planets) 
  • Dessert Table 1 Setup: 1 Navy tablecloth, 1 yellow tablecloth, 1 silver runner
  • Gift/ Dessert Table 2 Setup: 1 black table skirt, 1 white tablecloth, 1 silver tablecloth
  • Kids Table Setup: 1 Navy tablecloth with 1 silver runner
  • Table Accents: custom NASA decor boxes, 1 astronaut helmet, 1 light board with black letters, 4 clear vases with custom star topped stick decorations, 1 large wooden space rocket cupcake holder and a custom made Happy Birthday Banner
  • Cardboard Cutouts: 1 Space Rocket
  • Serving ware: 3 serving plates, 2 cake tiers
  • Balloon Structures: 2 columns, 20 ft. of garland, and 20 balloon rings



  • Balloons:  75 blue, 75 black, 75 silver, 2 white (36 in), 1 foil moon, 2 foil star, 4 foil kurly spiral


* Does NOT included: tables, chairs, hats, favors, tableware, balloon tools or boxes (can be rented on collection page)

**Assembly Required, wooden space rocket will come with screws and tool to assemble