Custom - You Plan

Custom Collections

Our custom collections can be tailored to your party needs. Add Theme Design Service to your cart, enter your theme, and select all the other options you want - we'll match all of them to your theme.  Orders must be placed 30 days before the event and designs must be approved 20 days before the event.  We ship your party the week before the event and you ship it back when the party is over!  And we are here for you through the entire process: call, email, text us anytime!!! 

Must book at least 30 Days before event

3d Backdrop: Custom RENT
Custom Backdrop Made to Your Theme
CenterpieceStyling RENT
The perfect centerpiece for your theme
Custom: Banner RENT
Custom Banner Made to Your Theme and Colors *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom: Full Cloth Set RENT
A table cloth, runner, & chair covers/sashes perfect for you theme - just tell us how many
Custom: Kids Cloth Set RENT
A table cloth and runner perfect for you theme - just tell us how many (fits our kids table)
Large Prop Design RENT
We can design a large prop just for you, just tell us how many you want!
Party Line: Room Custom RENT
Premium Wall to Wall Party Line, to Match Theme, Multiple Sizes
Party Line: Wall Custom RENT
Premium Single Wall Party 6 ft Line, Complete System to Match Your Theme 
Servingware Style Package RENT
The perfect serving ware for your theme
Tableware Styling BUY
We'll pick the perfect tableware for your theme
Yard Sign: Package RENT
Custom Yard Sign, with theme icons, & your phrase,. Subject to Availability 
Theme Items
Candles: White Buy
10 - Red Birthday Candles
Custom Cookie Bags BUY
4 - Cookie Bags That Match Your Theme. *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Cupcake Topper BUY
6 - Toppers That Match Your Theme *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Cupcake Wrap BUY
6 - Wraps That Match Your Theme. *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Cups BUY
5 - Cups That Match Your Theme. *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Invitations BUY
1 - Printed Invitation to Match Your Theme. *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Milk Bottle BUY
Custom Milk Bottle That Match Your Theme. * Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Mug BUY
Custom Mason Jar for Your Theme.  *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Sign 4x6 BUY
Custom 4x6 Sign Made to Your Theme.  *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Sign 8x10 BUY
Custom 8x10 Sign Made to Your Theme.  *Requires Theme Design Service
Custom Water Label BUY
5 - Water Bottle Labels that Match Your Theme.  *Requires Theme Design Service
Frame: 4 x 6 RENT
Sign Frame 4" x 6" *GALLERY
Frame: 8x10 White RENT
Sign Frame 8"x 10" *GALLERY
Thank You Card: Custom BUY
Custom Thank You Card to Match Your Theme. *Requires Theme Design Service
Chalkboard Set BUY
Chalk Board, Chalk, & Rope
Custom Favor Container BUY
1 - custom favor container to match your theme
Custom Party Favors BUY
Custom favors that match your theme and fill your selected container
Auto Balloon Inflator RENT
Automatically inflate 16 balloons, includes machine and balloons - pick color
Balloon Arch: Custom
Arch structure (rent) and 240 balloons (buy)
Balloon Installation RENT
Balloon Installation Service, Balloons Included. Subject to Availability 
Balloon Tools RENT
Balloon: sizer, tie tool. & inflator. Retail: $78 
Balloons: Custom BUY
20 - 11" Latex Balloons in Colors Matching Your Theme
Balloons: White BUY
20 - 11" Latex Balloons
Custom Balloon Columns RENT
2 - Balloon Columns (RETURN) 66 - Balloons (KEEP).  Designed for your theme.
Custom Balloon Garland: Lrg BUY
3 - Balloon Garlands 12 ft and 525 - balloons (Everything Included) 
Custom Balloon Garland: Sm BUY
1 - Balloon Garland 12ft and 165 - balloons (all included)
Custom Balloon Mosaic RENT
Pick a mosaic number and we'll match the colors to your party
Helium Tank RENT
Large Premium: 110 Cu Ft, Fills 200 - 11" Balloons.  Subject to Availability
Large Decor
Baby Letters RENT
Large Letters: BABY - 30"H x 4" Thick
Banner: Floor Custom
2 - Theme Floor Banners. Retail: $309  *Requires Theme Design Service 
Banner: Wide: Custom RENT
Wide Theme Banner (6' x 3'). Retail: $115. *Requires Theme Design Service  
Custom Party: Circle Prop Rental
Circle Prop Designed to Your Theme. Retail: $689 *Requires Design Service
Display Shelf: White RENT
White Display Shelf. Retail: $89  
Display Stand: White RENT
3 round display pedestals - white. Retail: $419 
Display Swing RENT
White Display Swing (assembly required). Retail: $677
Event Chairs RENT
Full size white event chair. Retail: $39
Hot Air Balloon: Red RENT
Red and White Hot Air Balloon
Kids Table and Chairs RENT
Custom kids table with 10 chairs.. Retail: $289
Neon: Lets Party RENT
Neon Lets Party Pink Sign - 20" x 10".  Retail: $98
Neon: Oh Baby RENT
Neon Oh Baby Sign - 20" x 10".  Retail: $99
Prop: Cart: Candy RENT
Large White Candy Cart. Retail: $712    
Prop: Cart: Concessions RENT
Large White Concessions Cart. Retail: $712
Prop: Cart: Hot Cocoa RENT
Large White Hot Cocoa Cart. Retail: $712
Table 4ft RENT
4ft Table: Height Adjustable. Great for our poster. Retail: $66    
Table Full Size 6 Foot RENT
Not included in any package. Retail: $39  
Table: Painters RENT
Custom White Painters Table. Retail: $621
Table: Wood Kids RENT
3 Custom Wood Kids tables, 12 Cushions, and 1 Runner
Food and Beverage
Adult Bar & Tender: Standard RENT
Provided By One Of Our Network Vendors.  Subject to Availability 
Candy Package BUY
3 - candy packages to match your theme and fill our containers.  
Cookies:Chocolate Chip BUY
6 - Chocolate Chip, from local bakery network.  Subject to Availability 
Cotton Candy Package RENT
Premium Cotton Candy Machine with Supplies
Custom Cake BUY
Matches Theme, from locally bakery network. Subject to Availability
Custom Cake Pops BUY
6 - Theme Pops, from locally bakery network. Subject to Availability
6 - Theme Matching, from local network. Requires Theme Design 
Kids Catering Package 1 BUY
Prepared by One of our Network Caterers.  *Subject to Availability  
PopsCakeWhite BUY
6 - White Cake Pops, from local bakery network. Subject to Availability
Smores Package RENT
Premium S'mores Maker.  Includes Hershey's, marshmallows, & crackers
Snow Cone Machine RENT
Premium Snow Cone Machine with Syrup 
Basket Toss RENT
Bean Bag Basket Toss.  Retail: $79
Bubble Machine: Premium RENT
Bubbletron Machine, With 80 oz Bubble Solution. Retail: $132 
Bubble Machine: Standard RENT
Standard Bubble Machine With 32 oz of Solution. Retail: $34
Chalkboard Set BUY
Chalk Board, Chalk, & Rope
Curling Set RENT
Electric Hovering Curling Game.  Retail: $159
Game Corn Hole RENT
Premium Corn Hole Game. Retail: $148
Game Prizes: Medals BUY
3 Zinc Alloy Medals (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Game Prizes: Trophy BUY
3 Award Trophies 
Game Ring Toss RENT
Ring Toss Game.  Retail: $31
Game: Ladderball RENT
Ladderball Game.  Retail:$122
Game: Tumble RENT
Large Wood Block Tumble Game.  Retail: $71
Inflatable: Yard Bowling RENT
Indoor / Outdoor Bowling.  Retail: $32
Laser Tag RENT
4 - Laser Tag Guns and Vests
Limbo RENT
Premium Limbo Set.  Retail: $35
Bumper Cars With Ring RENT
4 Hours Of Bumper Car Fun,  Subject to Availability
Carousel RENT
Small Carousel.  Subject to Availability 
Ferris Wheel RENT
Small Ferris Wheel.  Subject to Availability 
Inflatable House RENT
Inflatable Bounce House. Subject to Availability 
Inflatable Slide RENT
Inflatable Dry Slide. Subject to Availability 
Inflatable Water Slide RENT
Inflatable Water Slide. Subject to Availability
Mobile Game Truck RENT
Mobile Video Game Truck. Subject to Availability 
Movie Package RENT
Everything Needed for an Outdoor/Indoor Theater
Pony Ride
2 Ponies for 2 Hours at Your Location.  Subject to Availability 
Virtual Reality Package RENT
1 Player Complete VR System.  Subject to Availability 
Virtual Roller Coaster RENT
Virtual Realty Roller Coaster.  Subject to Availability 
Pick A Theme
Theme Design Service
Pick a theme, and we'll custom design all the items you select around that theme
Balloon Artist RENT
1 - Balloon Artist.  Subject to Availability 
Caricature Artist RENT
Caricature Artist.  Subject to Availability 
Clown Service RENT
Professional Clown Entertainer.  *Subject to Availability 
Dj Service RENT
A Professional DJ for 3 hours. * Subject to Availability 
Face Paint Artist RENT
Professional Artist. *Subject to Availability 
Fortune Teller RENT
Professional Fortune Teller, Subject to Availability
Juggler RENT
Professional Juggler - 1 hour show
Magician RENT
Professional Magician. *Subject to Availability 
Photographer RENT
One Hour Professional Photographer
Sing Along RENT
2 Hour Guitar Sing Along, Subject to Availability  
Tattoo Airbrush RENT
Professional Airbrush Tattoo Artist. *Subject to Availability