Mermaid:Costume (RENT)

RENTAL ONLY (Please Return)

Rent this costume, we'll ship it a week before the party then you return within a week after your party is over! 

This dress is short sleeves and an ankle length hemline. The midsection of the dress is cut from a purple stretch vinyl material. The sheer green sleeves are trimmed to match the trim around the neckline. The skirt falls to the floor in a shimmer green Comfortable wearing, fashion style, looks very nice.

Size 4: Chest:22",Waist:19.7",Full lenght:34.6",Fit height:43.3-47.2"(110-120cm)
Size 5: Chest:23.6",Waist:21.3",Full lenght:37",Fit height:47.2-51.2"(120-130cm)
Size 6: Chest:25.2",Waist:23.6",Full lenght:40.9",Fit height:51.2-55.1"(130-140cm)
Size 7: Chest:26",Waist:25.2",Full lenght:42.5",Fit height:55.1-59.1"(140-150cm)
Size 12: Chest:27.6",Waist:26.8",Full lenght:43.3",Fit height:59.1-61"(150-155cm)

An excellent addition to a mermaid birthday party